Introducing the New Nashville Rock Sound

"Ow, A Bad Singer's Pont Rent": In the fall of 2017 something was bugging me about the title of a new Broadway show. So, I entered "Springsteen On Broadway" into an anagram app resulting in the title of my song you see here.

Once I stopped laughing I got to work crafting the lyrics of a song that would take the side of the fans who felt betrayed by The Boss making so much hay on The Great White Way. All I needed to do was look on the message boards and his own website for inspiration.

Do I feel foolish a few months later about the decision to write this "protest" track against the rocker I once idolized - now that the mainly one-man show is ganerering near universal acclaim and getting ready to stack up all kinds of awards?

The answer is a resounding "NO" because the effort to record it gave birth to my most prolific writing and recording period yet that we're dubbing the #NewNashvilleRockSound. Now, with Springsteen extending his run now through March we've returned with a FREE extended remix that you can download directly for FREE from the SoundCloud player below - for as long as the S.O.B. show goes on!

Links to Full Lyrics and FREE Download.

ORDER NOW FROM THESE ONLINE STORES You can buy the original version of "Pony Rent" at any of the following online retailers. When you do you'll be helping us expand and evolve the #NewNashvilleRockSound and we'll really begin to lift off here in Music City. Thanks - we love you all!

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